Secret Messages Online

Free online tool to encrypt/decrypt your content and messages. Keep them secret and secure.

Nowadays people send sensitive information online. There are some texts you may be sending to your employees over the social media or online messaging platforms and you would like to keep them secret. The secret messages encryption online tool employs AES 256 decryption technology to allow you send the sensitive message securely online. There are several benefits you enjoy when you decide to use the free online tool.

Now you can encrypt your messags/files on Secret Messager and then decrypt online. Also, you can encrypt your meessages/files online and decrypt them by using offline Secret Messager. New

Benefits from our website

Fast process

The tool works very fast. You can apply it to encrypt and decrypt urgent messages.


The use of AES 256 decryption technology in the secret code generator with key makes the whole process very secure.


No data can be restored.

Protect sensitive messages

You can comfortably send your sensitive messages and apply the secret tool.

For fun

It is an easy way to send any message for fun even if it is sensitive. The tool provides a fun and easy way to encrypt text online.


100% Free. No money will be charged.

Start making secret messages

Support more than 100 languages including English, German, French, Chinese, Russian etc..
Need an offline AES-256 encryption tool? Try Secret Messager here. It is 100% free.

How to use Secret Messages Online

Make secret messages

Step 1: Copy and paste your messages to the message box

The online tool is very easy to use. You will start by copying your message them paste it on the box provided upon visiting Secret Messages Online Tool. The box will allow you to post the text message you have written in different languages. It is an easy process.

Step 2: Set the secret key

After you have opened the tool, there are separate boxes where you will paste your message and the one where you will create a secret key to keep everything secret. You need to choose a more complex key so that you can keep the messages more secure.

Step 3: Click "Encrypt" button

The tool works automatically, just click on the encrypt button on the screen and the tool will create an encrypted version of your text message. The encrypted message will appear in symbols which nobody will read unless he uses the same tool to decrypt.

Step 4: Click the "Copy" button to copy the resulting content

The resulting content will be encrypted. In order to send your secret message, you can send the encrypted over the social media or even other less secure online messaging platforms after which you will send the key to the intended recipient.

Decrypt secret messages

Step 1: Copy and paste your messages to the message box

After you receive the encrypted message, it is time to decrypt it and read the content. You will have to copy and paste it into the text provided.

Step 2: Enter the secret key

The secret message sender will then send you the key. The key will be useful in decrypting the message. Use the key to decrypt the message so that you can proceed and get the information.

Step 3: Click "Decrypt" button

The tool has a decrypt button, you need to paste the message, and then enter the key after which you will click on decrypt to get the original message.

Step 4: Read the original message

The final step involves showing up of the original message. You can now read it comfortably.