Secret Messages Online

Free online tool to Encrypt/Descrypt your files with AES-256. Keep them secret and secure.

Looking for a free and easy-to-use online tool to encrypt your files with advanced encryption technology? Stay here and try our Secret Messages free services. This online encryption tool enables you to lock any kinds of your files with a key. No one can open it unless he/she owns the key. It is fast, reliable, safe and 100% free. Just come over and give it a try.

Benefits from our website

Fast process

The tool works very fast. You can apply it to encrypt and decrypt urgent files.


The use of AES 256 decryption technology in the secret code generator with key makes the whole process very secure.


No data can be restored.

Protect sensitive files

You can comfortably send your sensitive files and apply the secret tool.

For fun

It is an easy way to send any message for fun even if it is sensitive. The tool provides a fun and easy way to encrypt files online.


100% Free. No money will be charged.

Start encrypting/decrypting files

Upload and Encrypt/Decrypt your files

For Encryption: Support all kinds of formats, Less than 5MB, AES-256.
For Decryption: Only .aes file accepted. Less than 5MB, AES-256

Drop files here or click to upload

Need an offline AES-256 encryption tool to encrypt/decrypt large files? Try Secret Messager Pro here. It is 100% free.

How to use Secret Messages Online to encrypt or decrypt files

Make secret files

Step 1: Upload files by drag and drop

Drag and drop your files to upload. All upoloaded files will never be stored. All of them will deleted within 30 minutes. Our website has been trusted by millions people.

Step 2: Set the secret key

Enter the password or key to encrypt the files. Please keep it secure and it should be strong enough.

Step 3: Click "Upload and Encrypt" button

The process works automatically, just click the "Upload and Encrypt" button and our service will start the encryption process.

Step 4: Click the "Download Files" button to get the resulted files

Once the encryption process finished, a download button will show up. All you need to do is clicking and downloading.

Decrypt secret files

Step 1: Upload files you want to decrypt

Upload the .aes files and get them ready.

Step 2: Enter the secret key

Users need to enter the secret key correctly. No secret key, no files will be decrypted.

Step 3: Click "Upload and Decrypt" button

Click "Upload and Decrypt" button to start the decryption button. Only .aes files will be decrypted and recovered to the original files.

Step 4: Download files

The "Download" button will show up once the process completes. Download it and you have the full authorities to open the files.