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Free AES-256 encryption tool. Generate secret messages / Encrypt files/ Hide messages in images.

Secret Messager Pro is a software which is designed to encrypt your messages before you send them. If you would like to send message online, then you should not worry on how you can prevent unauthorized access to the messages. There are some people out there who are eager to hack your messaging account and read the information you are trying to send. The program generates encryption images which hide your message before you can send. The send will have to receive the key generated upon message encryption before he or she can read your message.

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For Portable version, please click here(.zip | 4.59MB). For AES256 encryption tool on Mac, see Easy File Encryptor.

Now you can encrypt your messags/files on Secret Messager and then decrypt online. Also, you can encrypt your meessages/files online and decrypt them by using offline Secret Messager. New

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How Secret Messager Pro works

Secure process

This software could process offline. No internet connection required. No sensitive messages or files will be uploaded and stored.

Encryption process

The tool utilizes AES256 technology to encrypt your messages and files. The message could be encrypted into images which nobody can understand unless the message is decrypted.

Secret key generation

Before the message can be decrypted, the recipient has to insert a secret key. The system generates a secret key which you can send to the intended recipient so that he can apply the key to decrypt the messages and read.

Features of Secret Messager Pro

brief description about Secret Messager Pro

Secret Messages

The feature allows you to encrypt messages before you can send them. There are different types of messages you send online using your internet enabled computer but you would like them to stay secure, the tool allows you to generate encrypted messages before you can send them.

brief description about Secret Files

Secret Files

It allows you to encrypt files with AES256 tool before you can send them. Before the files have been encrypted, you need to generate a secret key which can be used to decrypt them. The tool works in a straight forward way allowing you encrypt and decrypt files.

brief description about Secret Images

Secret Images

It allows you to hide messages in an image with a key. Before anybody can open the files or read the messages, he or she must use the secret key you will send to him.

Screenshots for Secret Messager Pro

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How to use Secret Messager Pro to keep messages and files safe

Use Secret Messager Pro to encrypt messsages with AES-256

The first step involves entering the message on the type box provided after which you will set a key. After you have set the key, you should proceed to click on encrypt button to encrypt the messages. You should as well use the key and click on decrypt button for the messages to be decrypted.

Use Secret Messager Pro to encrypt files with AES-256

If you would like to send encrypted files, you will have to select the files then click on encrypt after which you will enter a key and send them. During the decryption process, you will just download the files then enter the decryption key.

Use Secret Messager Pro to hide messages in image

The process is simple, upload the images then enter the key. After you have entered the key, click on the encrypt button to generate an encrypted message. If you want to read the message, upload the "SecretImage.png" and enter the correct key, then click "Decrypt" button.

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Secret Messager Pro is a tool you can apply to hide messages in image and send them securely online. It is the safest AES encryption tool you can easily apply. You can download it and start sending message securely online.

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