Easy File Encryptor for Mac: The Best Way to Password Protect a File on Mac.

1. Why Should You Password Protect a File on Mac?

Security has been an essential parameter nowadays! Isn't it? Considering the ever-increasing threat of hacking and data breach, it's always recommended to protect your files with passwords. In other words, you are needed to encrypt your sensitive files & messages so that no unwanted users can open and exploit the content. Now, if you are using a mac device, then it becomes quite a complex and difficult process if you try to password protect a file on mac. Of course, Apple's built-in disk utility feature is available to encrypt files mac. However, if you are looking for a relatively easier and simpler way to protect files without disk utility, then you should use the right tool.

password protect file on mac

Now, with the wide number of available options on the internet, it comes really difficult to find a reliable tool which can be used to password protect a file on mac. But, no worries anymore! This article will reveal comprehensive details about an extremely easy to use online tool (known as Easy File Encryptor for Mac) which you can use in order to protect or encrypt any files on mac without disk utility.

2. Overview of Easy File Encryptor for Mac

There are a wide number of available tools that claim to offer almost the same benefits as Easy File Encryptor for Mac. But, what makes this tool really stand out from the rest? Well, there are a plethora of benefits of using this particular tool. Not only it offers the best and easiest way to encrypt files on mac, but also the entire process is 100% free and safe. Let's now take a quick look at the key benefits of this application.

encrypt files on mac

So, you have revealed the top six key benefits of using this application. Now, it's time to discuss why it should be used. Well, as mentioned earlier, this tool should be used in order to add AES-256 encryption to all of your critical files, messages, and documents. Using this tool, you can easily protect files without disk utility. Sounds interesting, isn't it? Now, you should keep reading and reveal the process of encrypting text and files with a password simply by using Easy File Encryptor for Mac.

3. The Process of Encrypting Text and Files with Easy File Encryptor for Mac

That's it! Nobody can open these encrypted files/messages without your provided password. Also, if required, you can even decrypt the encrypted files as well using the very same tool.

encrypt files on mac

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4. How to encrypt a file with Apple's Built-in Disk Utility?

There's one more option to encrypt your files on mac by using Apple's built-in disk utility feature. To use it, please follow the steps below.

encrypt files with disk utility on mac

Now, there are a couple of problems with this approach. First of all, many users face trouble when it comes to finding the Disk Utility option. The method will encrypt the entire folder, not individual files. So, when you require to encrypt only a particular file or a particular message, this option won't be much helpful for you. Also, you can't use Disk Utility option to decrypt the encrypted folders.

The Final Verdict

Comparing the above two approaches, it's worth to mention that Easy File Encryptor is the easiest, simplest, and most convenient option for securing any file and message with a password. Plus, the application is very easy to use and it can be downloaded and used for free. Thus, what are you waiting for? Use Easy File Encryptor and encrypt files on mac without any problem.